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The Dogs under my Desk – Boomer

I’m lucky to have had my heart touched by fourteen dogs (not at the same time!), several cats, birds, hamsters, fish, a turtle, a small snake, a tree frog, and even a squirrel. Living with so many animals taught me that just like humans, animals have their

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The Dogs under My Desk – TibBit

I’m a dog lover!  My three dogs are my co-workers, keeping me company during the days as I sit at my desk. The Dogs under my Desk is a three part blog on each of my co-workers and what makes them special. My first installment features Tidbit,

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I hope you dance (like a frog)

Recently, fourteen new species of dancing frogs were discovered in southern India, bringing the total known species of dancing frogs in India to twenty-four. Think about that. Think about the number of species? No. Think about dancing frogs. Doesn’t that put a smile on your face? The

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