Fish or Cut Bait, the latest installment in the Guppy Anthology Series, presents a collection of mystery stories by rising stars of the mystery and suspense field. Tales of revenge and retribution…police detectives…cozy characters…hardboiled P.I.s…there’s something here for every fan of crime and detection!

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Blinded by Murder, was inspired by my beagle Skipper (aka Skippy, Doodlebug, and Stinky). He was rescued from a hoarder who had over 60 animals. Untreated glaucoma left him blind and in tremendous pain. Luckily he was taken in by the the Open Door Animal Sanctuary where they were able to find a veterinarian who could fix Skippy’s eyes with an operation. Skippy spent ten months at the sanctuary before we adopted him along with another of our dogs, Boomer.  Read about Skippy’s story on my blog.

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