Questions People Ask


Where can I buy your books?

My books are available at

Do you belong to any organizations?

Yes. I belong to Sisters in Crime.The organization was originally started to help advance female authors in the field of mystery and crime writing.

Do you have any more information on your Aspen Moore Novel series?

Lots of information can be found at

Do you have a degree in writing?

No. Although I was accepted into the University of Florida, School of Journalism, you will see in my bio that I missed the deadline to register for classes and ended up not attending. I have taken several writing classes at different colleges, special seminars at writing conferences, and various offerings through local writer’s organizations. I have also read extensively. You can always learn something new!

Is Buying Time the first thing you have published?

Yes, unless you count the 7th grade when I had several pieces published in the school creative writing book which was sold to students and parents.

How do you know if what you’re are writing is good?

Of course I think everything I write is spectacular.  That was until I joined a critique group.  My Ladysleuths are the best thing that ever happened to me when it comes to writing.  They review and provide feedback when I am in need of being brought back to reality.  Their input has made my writing tighter and more thoughtful, not to mention almost typo-free. Although I am still in touch with my original virtual critique group, we are no longer active on a regular basis.  I am now part of a critique group in Austin.

How did you find your critique group?

Many years ago I joined the Guppies writing group.  They are a sub-group of Sisters in Crime.  The group provides much support for new writers and facilitated our group. Though many of us have never met one another, we have become friends and celebrate our successes and commiserate our failures. The five of us are still in touch, although not as active as we were in the early days.

Why did you choose independent publishing?

It can take years before getting your words on the printed page if you go the traditional route.  I knew if I was persistent, spent hours in search of an agent, and blotted my tears with the rejection letters, I would someday end up having my book published.  Or, I could be an independent publisher and get my book out within months of final re-write. Just like an independent film maker, I wanted to get my story in front of an audience and then spend my time getting the word out, writing more books, and engaging with my readers. Neither route is easy and each takes persistence and dedication.