kellyphotoKelly was born in North Carolina, but her stint as a Tarheel was short-lived. At the age of two her parents whisked her off to the State of Kentucky, a move that would be the first of many. Along with North Carolina and Kentucky, Kelly has resided in California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, and Texas.

She attended 13 different schools in 12 years, before becoming an emancipated minor and beginning college at the age of seventeen. With her life officially her responsibility, she discovered a few things: 1) There is a down side to using a fake id, 2) fish will die if your electricity is shut off while you are out of town, 3) nobody believes you when you say you saw a UFO, and 4) missing the deadline to register for college classes can change your life.

Bidding farewell to the School of Journalism at the University of Florida, she packed up everything she owned, once again ready to move on. With all her possessions, including three dogs and several cats, stuffed into her bright yellow Datsun B210 wagon and her boyfriend’s F-150 truck, she started a new life in another state.

Making a living soon became her top priority. After a quick stint at a technical school, she began a career as a computer programmer. Kelly finally obtained her college degree, but not in journalism. She graduated on the Dean’s List with a Bachelor’s in Technology and Management and remained in the field of Information Technology for 20 years.

Kelly currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband and three dogs Tidbit, Boomer, and Blind Skippy. Her son lives in the Washington, DC area where he never tires of Kelly’s relentless efforts to convince him to move closer to her. Kelly’s days are spent working, managing their Internet-based retail businesses, chatting with her mother, searching for the end of the Internet, and wondering why she can’t seem to find the time to finish writing her next book.