Synchronicity? Coincidence? Karma?

Dear Reader,

The exhilaration of publishing your first novel is incredible. It means your time crafting your first story has come to an end. No more rewriting the opening paragraph, no more shifting scenes forward and backward in time, and finally no more wondering if your novel will be published for the world to see.

Writing Buying Time has been a tremendous journey and I have learned so much. I look forward to spending more time with Aspen and I hope you will too. I can’t wait to see what happens to her next, wondering if she will turn her “friends without benefits” situation into one with benefits, getting to know her new customers, and following the lives of her existing ones.

As I wrote Buying Time, I had no idea how “karmic” the story would be for me.  No, I didn’t end up in the Witness Protection Program! I did, however, end up with the cutest, fluffy white, Bichon Frise, just like Mr. Q’s  dog Mr. Personality.

Tidbit, as she is now called, was found by a neighbor, dirty and matted. They couldn’t keep her so they turned her over to us until we could find her “real” human parents.  We tried, but no one stepped forward. Today, she is a tidbit of joy that makes us laugh every day.

We are excited she is part of our family. But, we are even more excited that I didn’t choose to give Mr. Q a pet python!

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Thank you for checking out my website and I hope you’ll visit again soon.


Kelly Cochran