Monthly archive for January 2014

I’m in Love with a Green Banana!

21.  The number of days I have gone without sugar.  No white sugar, brown sugar, agave nectar, honey, high fructose syrup, sugar substitutes, or fruit!  Well, not all fruit.  I had lemons, limes, a couple of green granny smith apples, and green bananas! Prior to the holidays,

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The Long Stretch of Non–Writing and Help from a Pro

I’m still at work on Buying Time, my second in the Aspen Moore series.  Often over the past year, I found myself distracted for long periods of time, failing to write anything.  So whenever I did get back to writing, I’d have to restart.  What does that

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My Head Hurts

The chaos that surrounds my workspace is not responsible for making my head hurt (although, if I posted a full view image of my desk you’d see why it might be a contender!). Actually, it was a blog related situation that set off the exploding neurons. You

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It’s the idioms fault

My friend, author Pam Devoe, and I have challenged one another to blog every Friday. I met that goal two weeks in a row and then suddenly a simple idiom caused me to falter. Idioms are interesting; their meaning is different than the words themselves. Although, the

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