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I’m offically a Space Cadet

One evening on my way to a bar in the late seventies, I saw a UFO. I know, “On your way to a bar? Really?” Yes, I hadn’t had a single drop of alcohol…yet. It made such an impression that I used the bar’s phone (pre-every-teenager-owning-a-mobile-phone) to

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On the Shelf at The Book House

Happy to announce that Buying Time is now available at The Book House in Maplewood, Missouri. The Book House was recently in the news, when the historic Victorian house which had been home to the independent bookseller for over 25 years was set to be torn down

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Malaysian Flight 370 or Whales?

Malaysian Flight 370 is a true mystery.  How does a 777 airplane with 239 people on board vanish? Since March 17, 2014, almost ten days after MH370 disappeared, I’ve been helping solve the mystery. On this day, DigitalGlobe launched a crowdsourcing campaign to help find the missing

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My Head Hurts

The chaos that surrounds my workspace is not responsible for making my head hurt (although, if I posted a full view image of my desk you’d see why it might be a contender!). Actually, it was a blog related situation that set off the exploding neurons. You

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Did you just call me big? The Next Big Thing!

I was invited by my friend, author Joanna Campbell Slan, to participate in The Next Big Thing.  Joanna blogged about Death of a Dowager the next book in the Jane Eyre Chronicles due out in April 2013.  Check out what Joanna has to say about the inspiration

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