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The Dogs under my Desk – Boomer

I’m lucky to have had my heart touched by fourteen dogs (not at the same time!), several cats, birds, hamsters, fish, a turtle, a small snake, a tree frog, and even a squirrel. Living with so many animals taught me that just like humans, animals have their

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Lights are on, somebody’s dead

After a few glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon, late at night, in the woods behind my hotel, I found I wasn’t alone.  What could have become an unfortunate event in a murder mystery, was in reality something very cool. Not only was I not alone in the woods,

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Who wants $50,000?

Before publishing Buying Time in 2012, I’d done much soul searching.  With only ten agents queried (a miniscule number when it comes to agent hunting), I longed for the validation of a traditional publishing contract, but wasn’t sure I wanted to spend years of precious time trying

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It was a dark and stormy…day at the beach.

Before ease of travel….before the Internet, long descriptions at the start of a book were important. It was a way for a writer to put the reader in the character’s world because it was highly likely the reader had never even seen a picture of such a

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The Long Stretch of Non–Writing and Help from a Pro

I’m still at work on Buying Time, my second in the Aspen Moore series.  Often over the past year, I found myself distracted for long periods of time, failing to write anything.  So whenever I did get back to writing, I’d have to restart.  What does that

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