When I decided to get serious about my writing career, I dreamed of spending hours in a room in my house, surrounded by leather furniture, dark wood floors, plants, and the occasional bottle of whiskey wine, typing away at my computer in solitude. The dream continued with a published book, lots of sales, and me still sitting in my room.

Not one to be comfortable in the limelight or practiced at flaunting my virtues, I hoped that perhaps like J. D. Salinger, Harper Lee, or even Emily Dickinson I might succeed while hidden behind my front door.

But today it is almost required of you to show up to the party. Thank goodness for the age of social media, providing a way for people like me to reach out from the safety of their own home. I can take small steps (140 characters at a time) to not only become comfortable with my accomplishments, but more importantly, comfortable with letting the world know exactly what I have accomplished.

So today, I tooted!  Yes, I tooted my own horn! I posted on a forum about being recently interviewed for my local chapter of Sisters in Crime blog.

Check it out (note: If the interview has rolled off, look for my name on the left hand side)


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