Over a month ago I set my “baby” free for three days and boy did it soar!  I gave away over 27,000 copies!  I was ecstatic as I watched my book soar up the bestseller list, but as with almost all good things in life they have a tendency to come to an end.

Naturally as my book began to make its descent down the ranks, I’d wondered what I’d done wrong. Like a mama bird that can talk, I said, “Baby bird, get the heck out of the nest!  I set you free and now you want to come back home and sit on your rear and do nothing?”

Tough love is hard, that’s why they call it tough!  So I tossed the darn baby out of the nest again.  I’m hoping baby flies high once again.  If you hear me screaming, that just means that instead of hearing flapping wings, I heard a gigantic splat!

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a Kindle version of Buying Time, I am offering my book for free – two days only (7/11/2012 & 7/12/2012).

This is an experiment in using all of Kindle Selects free promotion days.  Is it worth using them all or would I have fared better not using the last two free promotion days for my 90 day exclusive?


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