Monthly archive for February 2014

Cocaine: Another good reason to buy your domain name now!

Is this the author of the Aspen Moore Novels? A few weeks ago my twitter handle was @authorkelly. I decided it didn’t say enough about me as there are probably hundreds of authors with either the first or last name of Kelly.  What I needed was to

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How Writer’s Write – Using Voice to Text

In the last two years, muscle spasms in by back that I used to get periodically have become chronic. In the last three months, they have been occurring on a daily basis. The spasms are triggered by doing the dishes, folding the laundry, drying my hair, or

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What’s Under the Snow?

The mean temperature to date for the St. Louis, MO area in 2014 is -3° (Alert: That’s a negative, not a dash!). Luckily we didn’t break the record for the coldest day in St. Louis history, which was blessed upon our ancestors in 1884.  The temperature back

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Things I never thought I’d learn…

As some of you may know I am addicted to competitive cooking shows, many of which are found on the Food Network.  Alton Brown hosts several of my favorites, including Cutthroat Kitchen (if you haven’t seen this show, it is worth a look.  You will watch chefs

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