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Reality TV – I’m not addicted, I’m researching! My love of LivePD

LivePD on A&E

It is amazing what I have learned from LivePd. The reality tv show follows multiple law enforcement departments live every weekend. Livepd currently follows the Sheriff’s office in the county where I live in Texas. No, I have not been on LivePD. Yes, I have been tempted

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Chain, chain chain…chain of custody

When every episode of CSI ends up with investigators doing the crime scene walk through using only flashlights, I figure it isn’t really how things are done.  And I’m smart enough to know that the same person who collects the DNA doesn’t run the DNA testing, and

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Lights are on, somebody’s dead

After a few glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon, late at night, in the woods behind my hotel, I found I wasn’t alone.  What could have become an unfortunate event in a murder mystery, was in reality something very cool. Not only was I not alone in the woods,

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