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The Dogs under my Desk – Boomer

I’m lucky to have had my heart touched by fourteen dogs (not at the same time!), several cats, birds, hamsters, fish, a turtle, a small snake, a tree frog, and even a squirrel. Living with so many animals taught me that just like humans, animals have their

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The Dogs under My Desk – Skippy

In the middle of writing the second book in my humorous mystery series and my first ever short story, Blinded by Murder, I found myself overcome with fear. Would these stories be good enough, were they too boring, not funny, and – gulp – unworthy of readers?

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The Dogs under My Desk – TibBit

I’m a dog lover!  My three dogs are my co-workers, keeping me company during the days as I sit at my desk. The Dogs under my Desk is a three part blog on each of my co-workers and what makes them special. My first installment features Tidbit,

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“Throw me some beads!”

On the left is our dog Tidbit, or in this case, Princess Tidbit.  On the left is my manly husband, Bill, holding his little princess with her pinwheel topped Fleur-de-lis hat. I’ve got a lagniappe (LAN-YAP) for you – click here (if you want to see more

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What’s Under the Snow?

The mean temperature to date for the St. Louis, MO area in 2014 is -3° (Alert: That’s a negative, not a dash!). Luckily we didn’t break the record for the coldest day in St. Louis history, which was blessed upon our ancestors in 1884.  The temperature back

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